Leadership Team

Joshua Sterling

Josh graduated Summa Cum Laude from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2005. He enjoyed a career as an airline pilot and then an air traffic controller for several years prior to entering into real estate. Josh is a licensed ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) as well as a Certified Flight Instructor. He continues to pursue his passion for aviation today.

After venturing into investing in 2009 with just one single family home Josh realized the wealth generating power of long term, buy and hold, real estate. He quickly began to scale his portfolio and in 2012 formed Epic Property Management to manage his growing portfolio, which is now in excess of 650 units. Over the past 10 years Josh has participated in residential new construction, multi-family, retail, and commercial real estate projects. As his portfolio grew, multifamily became his preferred asset class because of the ability to scale and the consistent and reliable returns it generated. Today his core focus and passion is sharing that opportunity with other investors.

Barry Flavin

Barry has been investing in Real Estate for over 8 years. He started by rehabbing and selling several of his personal residences. He then used the proceeds to purchase 20+ single family rentals. After realizing the many opportunities that real estate has to offer he shifted his focus to multifamily. Barry currently owns 245 units as of 2019. Prior to pursuing real estate as his main focus, he had a successful career in software sales followed by Air Traffic Control. Barry’s passion ultimately lies in Real Estate investment relations. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and opportunities with current and future Investors with a focus on stable and reliable returns while creating long-lasting relationships. Barry graduated from Western Michigan University in 2005.


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